Protection From Abuse: Safeguarding Your Well-Being with Legal Advocacy

Welcome to the Protection From Abuse (PFA) page at Angst & Angst, P.C., where we understand that navigating situations of domestic violence and abuse requires compassionate support and strategic legal intervention. Our experienced legal team is here to guide you through the complexities of obtaining protection and securing your safety.

Understanding Protection From Abuse in Pennsylvania

Empowering Individuals Through Legal Protections

Protection From Abuse (PFA) orders are legal tools designed to shield individuals from domestic violence and abuse. At Angst & Angst, P.C., our dedicated attorneys specialize in the following key areas:

protection from abuse

Obtaining a PFA Order

If you are facing domestic violence or abuse, our legal team can assist you in obtaining a PFA order. We navigate the legal process, ensuring that necessary documentation and evidence are presented to the court to support your case and secure the protection you need.

Defending Against Unfounded PFA Allegations

In situations where false or exaggerated allegations are made, our attorneys provide robust defense strategies. We work to protect the rights of individuals wrongly accused of abuse, ensuring a fair and just resolution in PFA proceedings.

Emergency PFA Hearings

In urgent situations, our legal team can expedite the PFA process by seeking emergency hearings. We understand the critical nature of immediate protection, and we advocate for swift legal action to safeguard individuals facing imminent danger.

PFA Violation and Enforcement

When a PFA order is in place, violations are serious offenses. Our attorneys assist individuals in enforcing PFA orders and taking legal action against those who violate the terms, ensuring continued protection and swift response to violations.

Custody and Visitation in PFA Cases

PFA orders can have implications on child custody and visitation. Our legal team provides guidance on navigating the intersection of PFA proceedings and family law matters, ensuring the best interests of children are prioritized.

Why Choose Angst & Angst, P.C. for Your Protection From Abuse Needs?

Compassionate Support for Survivors

Survivors of domestic violence deserve empathetic and understanding legal support. Our attorneys approach PFA cases with compassion, recognizing the emotional challenges survivors face, and providing a supportive environment throughout the legal process.

Legal Advocacy Tailored to Your Situation

Every PFA case is unique. Our legal team tailors advocacy strategies to the specific circumstances of each client, ensuring that legal actions align with the individual's goals, concerns, and need for protection.

Swift and Strategic Legal Action

Time is often of the essence in PFA cases. Our attorneys act swiftly, seeking emergency hearings when necessary and navigating the legal process with efficiency to provide immediate protection for individuals facing domestic violence.

Holistic Approach to Family Law Matters

PFA cases often intersect with family law issues such as custody and visitation. Our attorneys take a holistic approach, considering the broader implications of PFA orders on family dynamics and providing comprehensive legal guidance.

Confidentiality and Privacy

We prioritize the confidentiality and privacy of our clients. Our legal team takes measures to protect sensitive information, ensuring that survivors can seek legal help without compromising their safety and security.


In situations of domestic violence and abuse, legal intervention is a crucial step toward ensuring safety and protection. At Angst & Angst, P.C., we are committed to providing compassionate support and strategic legal advocacy for individuals seeking Protection From Abuse. Whether you are pursuing a PFA order, defending against unfounded allegations, or navigating the complexities of family law matters alongside PFA proceedings, our attorneys are here to guide you through the legal process with empathy, dedication, and expertise. Your safety matters, and we are here to stand by you in the pursuit of protection and justice.