Family Law

The Law Firm of Angst & Angst, P.C. has a concentrated practice in the area of Family Law.  Whether it is Divorce, Custody, Support or any other area of Family Law we can assist you through your crisis to achieve a positive result.family_law


Divorce can be a difficult process but it does not have to be devastating.  Many families experience Divorce.  We can help guide you through the Divorce process and present your case in a light that is most favorable to your interests to achieve the best result for you.


Custody is one of the most emotional and challenging aspects of a Divorce.  The standard that guides our Courts in Pennsylvania is the determination of what is in the best interest of the child.  When parents agree on a Custody schedule and an overall parenting plan, it can easily be made into a Court Order by Agreement.  However, very often parents disagree on what is in the best interest of their children.

We can help guide you through the Custody process whether it be Conciliation, Mediation or Custody Evaluations, we will prepare you for these events so that the best possible outcome is achieved.

Child Support:

At Angst & Angst, P.C. we understand the financial realities of Child Support.  If you are a primary caretaker there are significant financial obligations associated with raising a child and you want to make sure your child has everything they need to be successful in life.  Likewise, if you are obligated to pay Child Support it can be a financial obligation that is difficult to manage along with your other living expenses.

That is why it can be helpful to have a skilled attorney help you through Child Support process.  At Angst & Angst, P.C. we have been doing Child Support actions for over fifteen (15) years and can make sure your Support Order is an appropriate one for the situation you are in.